Company Profile

Eshed Fountains was established at 1987 by Avi Turjeman, a graduated Mechanical Engineer of the Technicon's Faculty, Haifa.
Eshed Fountains is the major company in Israel experts with fountains, waterfalls, musical fountains, kinetic fountains, water sculptures and more. We are proud of over more than four hundred fountains designed and build by us until today.
Eshed Fountains is a private-family company expert in the design, construction, maintenance, renovation and restoration of all types of fountains and operates throughout the country.
Eshed Fountains is committed to its customers for Excellency in design, execution and current operations.

The company specializes in the design and / or execution of hydraulic systems, power systems, electric systems, computing and control, color-changing LED lighting, sound systems for musical fountains and other wide-ranging effects such as: three-axis nozzles, laser systems, water screens, water jet's that incorporate fire (!!), colored fire, interactive systems and more.

From the extensive experience we achieved during our 33 years of operation, we know, "firsthand" everything that is actually needed for the construction, operation and maintenance of the fountains.
We make sure to apply all the lessons learned from the design stage, and as a result, the fountain system construction work is practical, simpler and cheaper.
We make sure to keep up with the latest developments and innovations in the industry around the world and make sure to select and install high quality systems and equipment and ensure that the fountains will operate for many years to come.

We prioritize the design and equipment of fountain systems with the aspects of operation and maintenance and pre-design systems that are as simple as possible, ensuring that the fountain systems are easy and inexpensive to operate and maintain.
This in itself guarantees the life of the fountain systems.
In evidence, fountains designed and made in this spirit by Eshed Fountains have been operating since their inception and continuously for 33 years!